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About Me


From Intuitive and Spiritual Counseling and Energy Healing, walking between the worlds of Mediumship, Channeling and Hawaiian Huna Ho’oponopono and Shamanic Counseling and De-Chording, to DNA Activation, Human Design Analysis and Communications Training with NLP, I can help you on many levels.

A student of metaphysics and the healing and esoteric arts for over 30 years, I’ve studied many spiritual traditions with over 40 master healers, intuitives and trans-personal therapists. I’ve always been on the cutting edge of spiritual modalities, combining these with my own unique system (Spiral Release Clearing®), to give you exactly what your soul yearns for in these amazing times.
I’m an Ordained Interfaith Minister (NonDenominational), Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Medium & Channeler.and Energy Healer. I’m also an Advanced Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a Facilitator of Regenetics® Full Method DNA Activation, a Human Design® Specialist and Hypno-Regressionist.
I have been a frequent guest as a medium and channel on The Zorel Show and featured on SyFy (SciFi) Channel and ABC Family Channel as a "Paranormal & Vortex Expert". Past experience includes being an assistant Director and Program Director for the Metaphysical Center of NJ, where I served for nearly a decade and on the Board of Directors of the Association of Higher Awareness (AHANJ).
I have a Ph.D. in Metaphysics and Transpersonal Psychology and hold an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and have 20+ years of corporate experience to help me walk between the earthly and spiritual worlds to assist clients, including corporate executives, business owners, professionals, artists and everyday people --- all going through transition—to get in touch with their own “inner knowing” both through private sessions, spiritual counseling and mentoring, and various classes and tele-seminars.

How I can assist you…

My style of gentle guidance and laser-like intuitive perception helps uncover the core of ‘what’s been ailing you’ at soul’s depth. I work with the angelic celestial realms and Ascended Masters, your spirit guides and mine.
Life themes, traumas, life changes – can all take their toll on you. I assist in uncovering what’s been holding you back and provide tools to get you to where you want to be with balance, ease and grace.
Let Me Help ---Whether you're exploring your life’s mission and purpose, starting a new project, recovering from chronic or severe illness, emotional pain or having a desire for a deeper level of life.
A combination of keep intuition, working with higher frequencies and guidance, plus the various combined healing modalities have helped clients just like you improve self-esteem and relationships and enjoy increased abundance, joy and fulfillment.
My work is about empowering you to find your own unique transformational gifts, and to share them with the world.

Dr. Rev. Martha A. Snee, Ph.D.,MBA, M.Sc.

Contact: 201 896-1391 or 201-851-7502  ~ET, USA / translimits@gmail.com

Transpersonal Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Intuitive, Medium, Channeler  

Regenetics(R) Full Mastery Method DNA Activation Facilitator

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Ho'oponopono Facilitator

Human Design(R) Specialist

NLP(R) {Neuro-Linguistic Programming}  Master Practitioner

Let's talk about your goals & dreams and how together we can reach them.