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Channeled Articles
Love Letters from "Alphie"


 From Lord Alphatron & the Alpha Collective

       Channeled by Rev. Martha Snee

(Note the dates of these channelings and their relevance as we approach 2012 AD/CE.)
MAD or MAP? The Choice is Yours... 
Greetings, Dear Ones. We are Lord Alphatron and we are here to be of service to you this evening.  For each of you, take care of your own Light. Your batteries are running lower and lower because of this. Begin to clear up your mind daily and a bit of your physical environment and your bodily being. You will see a big difference. Resolve to help the body instrument to be at its best performance by properly retiring at a suitable time for energizing and healing. This will be different for each of you. But get to know what works optimally for you, and abide by that. Begin anew to take care of self. You need supplementation and live foods more than ever, for they are filled with the life force necessary for comprehension and absorption of the energies coming forth at this time.
These are exciting times for the planet and all of humanities and for the cosmos as we behold your changes. These are Golden Times. You all have a grand choice to make at this time. That is a choice to engage in Mass Assured Peace (MAP) or Mass Assured Destruction (MAD). You are watching this being played out on the international level. But which of these two choices are you engaging in on a personal level? Which is your choice in your self talk? Let us explain these two directions.
MAD is an external process that implodes inward. MAP – is an internal process that explodes outward. One comes from fear and the other from joy. One comes from holding everything to oneself and the other comes from sharing all life in gratitude. One ends in annihilation, the other in new births, new discoveries, new explorations. In one all is destroyed, there is nothing left. In the other all is in creative flow and more is begotten.
You can see the outward play of these forces. But you need to see the inner play of them for it starts and ends with each one of you choosing MAD or MAP. It is easy for you to see a MAD world, for it is embedded in your adventure movies and games and in much of your “underground” world. But even in your movies you do not go totally MAD. In the end the battle is won by the Light Side and MAP prevails. Peace prevails. Love and Joy prevail.
You are at the dawn of a new age. You are at the precipice of a golden era of peace and prosperity for all. Yet you are at the razor’s edge of annihilation, war, treachery and control imposed by a few over the many.
You have taken your peace and prosperity for granted. You have taken your freedom for granted.
Yes, these were “granted” unto you. This implies they were gifted to you. But by not discerning the immensity of such gifts, you have squandered them. You never dreamt you could be deprived of them one day. --That your rights could be taken from you. -- That you could be lulled into a complacency and have the very gift of freedom snatched from beneath you.
But that is the outside picture and the one the Dark Side is anticipating they can control you with. Delve deeper, Dear Ones. Delve deeply into your souls, going within to seek the true freedom. To find the peace the world cannot give, go to your inner chamber, your closet and be still.
Listen gently and intently. Be patient, open minded and open hearted.
Hear and feel the connection to All That Is.
You may yet ask what is your soul? It is the boundless, free part of you that is not of this 3-D world. It is what the Master spoke of as “Be in the world, but not of it.” Your soul is indestructible, inviolate and immortal. It lives on ---yes, YOU live on…and on… and on. Its environment is one of love, joy and peace and fear has no place or part in its existence.
So, actually when you live in fear, you are sub-existing truly. You are living outside your purpose and outside your high and true Self, your Soul. You feel separate from all creation, alone and that is where the fear factor enters. When millions enter into this web of frightful thinking, confusion and pandemonium, Mass Assured Destruction (MAD) is assured.
Know the choice is yours, always yours. We see that truly humanities in your utmsot core desires peace and joy. You are desiring an adventure of Light and we call you all now to become "Knights of  the Light" and brandish your swords of Love & Light against the darkness of Fear.  
We give you our Love and Blessings, Dear Ones.
We are Lord Alphatron.
Martha A. Snee, (C) 2005

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