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Being At Zero

Feb 15, 2010

With so much rapid change these days, we can feel as if on roller coasters. The highs and lows of life seem to send us reeling now more than ever. Many of my clients feel so jubilant at times, and that's great. But they often hold the limiting belief that 'what comes up must go down'. Do you?

So they get their dreams dashed, unable to sustain that 'high' that comes from outside - in the world and not from the inside, from ourselves.

The Masters and Avatars (no, Silly, not the movie kind - tho' they were pretty 'enlightened', if only from Hollywood land) have long suggested what I like to call "Being at Zero". It is a Zen concept of stillness, oneness and tranquility, where nothing can disturn one's inner peace.

A story goes that once there was a farmer who had to send his son to war and everyone in the village said "What a pity". And he said "Maybe". But the son returned from foreign lands enriched by the experience and safe from harm. And the villagers said "What a blessing!" and the farmer said "Maybe".

Well the story goes on and on to show that when the villagers thought what appeared in every circumstance to be great fortune, the farmer did not get drawn into, and when it appeared fortune had left, he took that in stride as well. And what seemed like good fortune, had a way of turning, and the bad fortune had a way of turning, too. So he just said "Maybe" to both, as the villagers went up and down with their emotions.

The farmer was wise, knowing external life changes, and can do so rapidly. Fortune and fate have their way on this earth plane. But he was wiser and transcended the limitations of appearances and stayed serene and "Stayed at Zero".

And so there is wisdom in this tale. If we would simply stay at peace within ourselves, we can remain happy no matter what the outside world throws at us. The trick is to "Stay at Zero" for in the no-thing-ness of Zero, where all power of the Now lies.

See you soon! Staying at Zero.