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Your Unique Human Design Chart & Reading


Human Design is a new cutting-edge modality that identifies your areas of compatibility and  tension, your talents and interests. It helps you learn about yourself and others and how you can bring out the strength in any relationship. Learn about your particular type and strategy of navigating through life. Your Design is Unique to you. Like a snowflake, there's no one else like you and no design exactly like yours.

Once you know this, it's like breaking a secret code to your soul. Everything begins to make infinite sense and you can start getting a handle on your life, working it to make things easier for you and everyone with whom you interact.

This new technology gives you insight and shows how you "tick" as an individual, pointing the way to understanding your uniqueness, challenges and strengths. 
It also combines the best in counseling, using both ancient wisdom of Kaballah, Astrology, the I Ching and the Chakra System and modern wisdom of Quantum Physics, all combined  to give you rich, deep insights and understanding of yourself and others.
And you can also apply this to better understand others that are key in your life, those you closely interact with...
Like a future or current spouse or partner, your children and step-children, relatives,  in-laws and past spouses; a boss or fellow worker; and friends and associates.
Get your free personal chart. (See the sample chart above)
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Dr. Rev. Martha A. Snee, Ph.D.,MBA, M.Sc.

Contact:  201-851-7502  ~ET, USA / translimits@gmail.com

Transpersonal Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Intuitive, Medium, Channeler  

Spiral Release Clearing(R) Method Originator

Regenetics(R) Full Mastery Method DNA Activation Facilitator

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Ho'oponopono Facilitator

Human Design(R) Specialist

Business Consultant & Help for Start-Ups

NLP(R) {Neuro-Linguistic Programming}  Master Practitioner

Let's talk about your goals & dreams and how together we can reach them.