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Spiral Release Clearing®
~the tool that truly accelerates Ascension

Heal Above & Beyond the Matrix

Accelerate Your Ascension & Boost Your Energy Field

If you truly want a tool that accelerates Ascension, this is it!

~ Spiral Release Clearing®

Free Your Blocks to Prosperity, Health, Career & Business Success, Love & Relationships, & Real Estate Sales

This unique, effective channeled spiral release treatment clears above and beyond the matrix of this 3-D reality, so that what is cleared, stays cleared. Progress is made and there is no backsliding, unlike most other modalities.

My extensive study of spiral science and quantum mechanics reality led me on an inner and outer journey of healing, clearing and releasing the old patterns and soul miasms that hold us back and prevent living and achieving all that we are meant to in this life. This was channeled to me, complete with downloaded specific unique codes, from The Most High and I have been using it the past several years with great success, first on myself and then with clients.

Based on the meta-science of spirals and vortex energies that exist throughout the universe, including  in our own bodies, in nature and throughout space, it was revealed to me that this very energy can be used to heal our every need in this realm, preparing us for greater good and glory. ~ Ascension!

And within our own personal systems we see the whorls of our unique fingerprints, the spiral of our inner ears, the spiraling of a fetuses’ umbilical cord---connecting us to our generations past and to all life. The spiral releases all negative forces out and beyond while drawing in the positive life-affirming, sustaining energies toward us, as we can see with the stars and gases of our own Milky Way Galaxy.                             

Some of what the Spiral Release Clearing® has been known to do:

·         Heal & support our DNA

·         Clear limiting beliefs, mind patterns

·         Clear entity intrusions, cords, hooks, attachments

·         Clear past lives and this present life

·         Release current emotional and physical trauma programs

·         Clears toxic relationships and help understand the 'set-up'

-         Removal of all old patterns while keeping lessons learned 

·         Clear blocks to communication & empower relationships to be more loving

·         Heal emotional, psychological wounds

·         Increase prosperity and abundance

·         Clear blocks to businesses and career success

·         Clear blocks to business purchases/sales and to real estate purchases/sales

          Clears blocks to spirituality and life purpose

·         Prepares us and accelerates our Ascension

AND it works on pets too!

Spiral Release Clearing®is so powerful that it clears our ancestors, our DNA inherited patterns, programs and learned behaviors that go back generations and no longer serve us or the evolution of humanity.

A session is from 45 to 80 minutes, where the client, from the comfort and convenience of home or office, presents what needs clearing and we set the session’s intention for the issues, blocks and findings and follow-up.

Call for your session today. All sessions are done via phone allowing you to speak confidentially with complete privacy.

Call 1-201-851-7502   Eastern Time, USA


What Clients Are Saying:

Spiral Release Clearing® is the best of the best when it comes to healing modalities. I’m always impressed with Dr. Martha’s intuitive abilities combined with her dramatic results with this wonderful modality she has created. I've experienced lots of healers and had many healings. Nothing, I mean nothing compares to Spiral Release Clearing for powerful sustained transformation.

~~~B.R. Matthews, Austin, TX

Martha, I'm really amazed with your work! It's lasting and complete. It just plain works and the healing holds. It doesn't get better than that! Thank you so much for relieving and taking away the trauma that's held me hostage for decades.
~~~B. Parker. Hot Springs, AR
Working with Martha and Spiral Release Clearing has catapulted me forward in every area of my life and journey, freeing me from the wounds, beliefs and storylines that for so long shackled me.  I have reclaimed my power, clear vision, right purpose and…myself, my very own Spirit.   I have become deeply empowered and trusting of my inner knowing, navigating my way with distinct ease, pleasure, joy and grace I never would have thought possible.  It was as if a warm, gentle (yet swift acting) breeze whisked away all that didn’t serve me, leaving behind instead the Truths, Freedom and Joy that are our Divine birthrights. 
~~~M. DelValle, Sussex, NJ
The Lazarus Tree. I have a 60 ft. tall pecan tree that my arborist said was completely dead- no hope and I'd have to take it down. Martha suggested trying a Spiral Release Clearing as it couldn't hurt. So she did and in a week, up to the highest leaves life arose, bringing green healthy leaves. There was no area of the tree that showed anything but health. Lo' and behold, the tree yielded a good bunch of pecans. That was last Spring and this year it came to life normally as if nothing ever happened. Looks like another pecan yield is also on the way. Incredible! We now call it The Lazarus Tree, because she brought it back from the dead when the expert said there was no hope.
~~~B. R. Matthews, Austin, TX


At first I was a bit skeptical if spiral release clearing could really help my stuck business. But I believe in Martha and I gave it a try. What seemed impossible became very real as I watched the steady progress of my business. Employees and vendors were communicating, customers were buying and I was able to relax and enjoy being a business owner for the first time in a number of years. Spiral Release Clearing® brought a sense of peace and sanity to my business  and to my perspective on life. For me it not only has been an investment but a welcomed tool and gift.

~~~Andy J., Teaneck, NJ



Dr. Rev. Martha A. Snee, Ph.D.,MBA, M.Sc.

Contact:  201-851-7502  ~ET, USA / translimits@gmail.com

Transpersonal Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Intuitive, Medium, Channeler  

Spiral Release Clearing(R) Method Originator

Regenetics(R) Full Mastery Method DNA Activation Facilitator

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Ho'oponopono Facilitator

Human Design(R) Specialist

Business Consultant & Help for Start-Ups

NLP(R) {Neuro-Linguistic Programming}  Master Practitioner

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