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Procrastination? Perfectionism? Low Self-Esteem?
Help Is On The Way!


Sound like you? (or someone you know?)...

~ Finances and business in tatters? Career on the skids?

~ Marriage by a thread? Kids out of control? Relationships always break down?
~ Feel like nobody understands you? You can't get a break? Pushing people away?
~ Constant stress ruining your Health?
~ Projects not started or ever get completed?
~ Negative self-talk? Judgementalism rules and runs your life?
~ People not meeting your standards OR you not living up to your own standards?
~ Set unattainable goals and feel ashamed not meeting them?
~ Often feel angry and impatient?

RELAX! Relief and Help are on the way!

Now stop the programs of guilt, shame and stress of under-living, under-achieving and under-earning. Instead install positive beliefs to gain a life of manifesting your dreams, reaching your goals and full potential, enjoying meaningful, rich relationships, a positive family life (or finding the right partner), sustaining a healthy body and healthy finances.

Over the past decade I've helped thousands of clients including executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, writers and artists, parents, singles, and everyday people overcome and get out from under this life-pervading social illness---Perfectionism. (Procrastination is a key symptom.)

With the understanding, individualized personal attention and tools I provide, my clients, just like you, learn to build lives of passion, productivity, and success while having fun in the process, reconnecting with their joy and living with ease and harmony with themselves and others.
As a recovering Perfectionist myself, I'm writing a book soon to be released, on the syndrome.

Let me help put the spring back in your step and STEP OUT, realizing you're already perfect!
~All sessions via phone or Skype. Contact me today for a much improved tomorrow.

Dr. Rev. Martha A. Snee, Ph.D.,MBA, M.Sc.

Contact:  201-851-7502  ~ET, USA / translimits@gmail.com

Transpersonal Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Intuitive, Medium, Channeler  

Spiral Release Clearing(R) Method Originator

Regenetics(R) Full Mastery Method DNA Activation Facilitator

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Ho'oponopono Facilitator

Human Design(R) Specialist

Business Consultant & Help for Start-Ups

NLP(R) {Neuro-Linguistic Programming}  Master Practitioner

Let's talk about your goals & dreams and how together we can reach them.