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Testimonials~ Healing, Counseling, Coaching, Readings


On Healing, Spiral Release Clearing(R) Counseling/Coaching & Intuitive (Psychic) Guidance...
"Working with Martha and Spiral Release Clearing® has catapulted me forward in every area of my life and journey, freeing me from the wounds, beliefs and storylines that for so long shackled me. 
I have reclaimed my power, clear vision, right purpose and…myself, my very own Spirit. 
  I've become deeply empowered and trusting of my inner knowing, navigating my way with distinct ease, pleasure, joy and grace I never would have thought possible.  It was as if a warm, gentle (yet swift acting) breeze whisked away all that didn’t serve me, leaving instead the Truths, Freedom and Joy that are our Divine birthright."
Shel DV - Washington, NJ
“Even in just the first healing session with you, Martha, made a tremendous difference in my life. I’m experiencing the freedom from my issues, which I’ve searched a lifetime for.”
            Barbara M. – Rainbow Lakes, NJ
“Your counseling skills and sense of humor helped keep perspective just when I needed wisdom, guidance and a compassionate, trusted friend.”
Marty R. – Clifton, NJ
This Spiritual Counseling has been a really profound experience and I'm so glad for it. You've helped me see so much more clearly about my life and shared ways I can make changes. You gave me so much to reflect on. This was truly life changing and thanks from the bottom of my heart! We'll do more of this! 
Barbara V. - Tappan, NY
“Unbelievable! Since I’ve been working with you I’ve never felt so relaxed, safe and at peace. You helped me get in touch with my body’s pain that’s been lodged there for years. Your healings helped to make the breakthrough to health and happiness I’ve longed for. I’m thrilled and very encouraged. Feels like I got my life back!”
Sandy P. –Hackensack, NJ
"Martha, you're extremely gifted and talented with your readings and guidance. You were absolutely, phenomenal and to the point with the reading it was like sitting across from each other having a conversation in the same room.  You were able to look into things I was dealing with, like from a clear window and could put my feelings into just the perfect words!  Amazingly, you touched on every question I had without prompting and nailed them all in a very big way!"
Michelle S. -Madison, WI
I recently did a reading w Martha who was highly recommended by a dear friend. I was pleasantly surprised at her accuracy and preciseness.. she flowed thru the incoming information nailing the questions I had in my mind.. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to touch on and without saying what they were she addressed them. The session flew by and I will definitely recommend her! (D.K., Boca Raton, Fl)
“Martha, thank you  for a wonderful reading. I encourage everyone to have a chance to taste the blessings you offer. It was clear, practical, validating and accurate. You really helped me focus on what I need to do, clarified my own intuition and allowed me to relax more and enjoy the journey. I think it was the best reading I've had in its usefulness and support on many levels. Thanks again."
Bonnie B. – Los Angeles, CA
“My life was feeling a bit overwhelming, but this morning I had a fabulously reassuring reading with you. Thankfully, I’m now feeling calmer, more centered and capable of productive prioritizing once again. Martha, you are a jewel. I can’t thank you enough."
Gloria L. – Pasedena, CA
“All my creative blocks have smashed and I’m finally free to create and produce consistently. With the techniques you taught me and your powerful insights, my life has changed forever! Many thanks.”
Arthur G. –Rochester, NY
"Your reading was 110% accurate. It is amazing all the things you picked up on. You are so consistently on target. You could never known beforehand all the things you told me. Martha, you are truly gifted."
Ron R. -- Jersey City, NJ
“How do you do what you do so well? You are no ordinary psychic. You see the future and then help me prepare or change things to make my life better. Thanks to you.”
Ameee S. ---Jakarta, Indonesia
On Counseling & Coaching...

"Martha is a most trusted mentor and extraordinary partner on The Journey offering her vast spiritual mastery and sure-footed business and “real-world” expertise. She counsels with such depth of understanding, love, compassion and delightful lightheartedness and wit.  I am infinitely grateful for Martha and the gifts she so beautifully shares with us all and the many shifts I've experienced!"                                  Shel DV - Washington, NJ


On Mediumship & Channeling...
“Martha, you did it again! Nailed things right on the head. Always amazingly accurate insights. Your abilities always amaze me, and your ability to contact my deceased loved ones make me feel so assured of their living on and my own life purpose.”
Mary M.--- Lake Tabor, NJ
“Your guidance helped soothe my aching soul. Your getting in touch with my deceased relatives and spirit guides gave me peace of mind and new strength and meaning to life here and beyond. You’ve always been ‘right on!’ A world of thanks.”
Jane D. – Westchester, NY
“I’m still benefiting from Lord Alphatron’s wisdom and am doing well ever since I first called you when I was in crisis. I’ve enjoyed our phone sessions, even while on assignment traveling around the world. It’s been comforting to know you and “Alphie” are only a phone call away and help is on the way as and when I need a “re-adjustment”.
Robert C. –Sacramento, CA
“The channeling gave me a greater perspective of my life’s purpose and the people now in my life and the cosmic drama of how they fit in. Thank you , Martha and Lord Alphatron. You are both angels to me.”
Jody G. –Philadelphia, PA
“I really enjoy Lord Alphatron. His wit and wisdom really make my sessions rock. He gently puts me back on track and does it so lovingly. He is so warm and fun to talk to and I always love the fact that you get every inflection and nuance when you channel. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.”
Lorin, K.---NYC, NY

Dr. Rev. Martha A. Snee, Ph.D.,MBA, M.Sc.

Contact:  201-851-7502  ~ET, USA / translimits@gmail.com

Transpersonal Therapist and Spiritual Counselor

Intuitive, Medium, Channeler  

Spiral Release Clearing(R) Method Originator

Regenetics(R) Full Mastery Method DNA Activation Facilitator

Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Ho'oponopono Facilitator

Human Design(R) Specialist

Business Consultant & Help for Start-Ups

NLP(R) {Neuro-Linguistic Programming}  Master Practitioner

Let's talk about your goals & dreams and how together we can reach them.